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Mission Statement

 To provide affordable accessories to all.

About Us

Our self identity is made up of our beliefs, values and things we enjoy. Our environment has these alluring effects on molding who we are as individuals. This is why we try to surround ourselves with happiness and joy. However, Sometimes we get stuck and lose ourselves. Creating a false sense which leaves us feeling empty inside.

Here at The Mysterious Jeweller we believe that every individual should embrace their true identity to live their life to the fullest. This is why we carefully hand pick our resources and create designs that will give you that sense of authenticity to be able to rediscover your true self and feel alive again.


Take off your masks. Begin this journey.




Daniel Coskeran - Director and Founder

 The Mysterious Jeweller


My name is Dan and I'm the director and founder of The Mysterious Jeweller. I began this journey by searching endlessly for my first ring. I could not find anything that I'd want to wear and it not breaking the bank. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started creating and designing my own jewellery. I never knew that once I put on my first ring I'd continue to develop my collection and be an avid jewellery wearer. An affordable fashion accessories that I can wear which adds a new dimensions to my outfits which inspired more confidence throughout my everyday life.

This self confidence journey is the embodiment of the foundation of The Mysterious Jeweller. We want each individual to come away from their purchase with a new sense of self, leaving you with the bedrock of success. 



Claire Munday - Producer

  Claire Munday | The Mysterious Jeweller


Meet Claire, an inspirational, influential figure who possesses vital problem-solving abilities. Her creative and practical mind has led her to achieve a media degree at the highest honor. She is able to lead you to your goals and realise the potential of your ideas. Capable at succeeding in whatever she sets her mind to, Claire Munday is the name to remember.



Henry Palmer - Media manager 

 Henry Palmer | The Mysterious Jeweller


 No task is too large for an individual with a mind like Henry. A rising entrepreneur whose creativity shines from his every move.  a focused and diligent artist who excelled in his media degree. Proficient in a range of mediums, his innovative style is distinctive and fresh.  He has abilities and understanding of his craft to make your wildest imaginings a reality.